About Us


Panacea means “Cure-All”

Panacea Services is a one stop shop for anyone with a home. It is meant to be a “cure-all” for the home . In 2000, we began working with homeowners in an effort to build long term relationships,  and became the go to guys for anything that needed to be done around the house. …LandscapingPool ServiceHouse CleaningHandyman Services. As the financial climate changed, so did we. Our primary customers became the Banks and Real Estate agents and Investors. We quickly established ourselves as the company you call when you need to get the job done. Things were moving at a fast pace. It seemed like everyday there was an emergency that needed to be dealt with…but we made ourselves available at a moments notice. We became experts at fixing problems that nobody else could or would attempt.  Now things have cooled down in the REO market. We still continue to work with Banks and Real Estate agents and Investors, but now work much more with normal homeowners.

If you need anything around the house taken care of, give us a call…you will not regret it.